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Brand Knockoffs in the USA

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Fact; knockoffs has cost American lives and American jobs.

Fact; knockoffs are usually manufactured using sub standard components and materials, in sub standard conditions, often by "unskilled" adults and children who are often abused by their "employers".

Fact; knockoffs are supplied internationally by Chinese Triads, The Russian Mafia, Terrorist Groups and The Mafia.

Fact; the market for knockoffs is often run by gangs and The Mob.

Fact; the trade in knockoffs funds terrorism, murder and numerous other criminal activities. In the same way that Prohibition encouraged and helped the Mob to grow; purchasing knockoffs funds terrorists, gangs and organized crime.

Fact; we hunt knockoffs, we remove knockoffs.

About knockoffs and illegal replicas in the USA
About Knockoffs

We Work With Brands

We Work With Legitimate Sellers

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About knockoffs and illegal replicas in the USA
Delete Hijacked Websites

Many Hijacked Websites Sell Knockoffs

Ordered Goods are Often Not Received

We Remove Hijacked Websites


About knockoffs and illegal replicas in the USA
Report Hijacked Websites

Many Hacked Websites Sell Knockoffs

We Remove Hacked Websites

Remove counterfeits, knockoffs and fakes

We Work With Brands

We Work With Legitimate Sellers

We Work With Law Enforcement

USA Anti Piracy "started life" as but we changed our name in December 2015 to and we also launched Report Knockoffs with a view to provided better North American knockoff reporting facilities.

USA Anti Piracy works with buyers - victims of piracy to obtain a refund for knockoff goods.

We provide Brand Protection. We work with and report to Legitimate companies, License Holders Legal Departments, Intellectual Property Lawyers, Government Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.

Many companies are experiencing, or have previously encountered knockoffs (fakes - counterfeits - copies) of their products.

USA Anti Piracy works with Brands IP rights holders (Intellectual Property Rights Holders) manufacturers, copyright holders, media companies, retailers, government departments and auction sites to provide an enhanced level of protection against copyright infringements and the supply of fakes, counterfeit goods, pirated media and copies of products.

These knockoffs - pirated goods include knockoff car parts (including life saving components such as brake pads, fake shock absorbers etc) bootleg disks (bootleg CDs, knockoff DVDs, knockoff Blu-ray, USB disks etc), illegal downloads, copies of books and manuals, bootleg music CDs, knockoff movies, console and computer games, fake designer clothing, knockoff fashion accessories, toys, counterfeit tools, counterfeit electrical goods, fake electrical and mechanical components, counterfeit sports items etc.

China is the undisputed Superpower of Knockoffs.

Typically, Chinese knockoffs are manufactured in unlicensed factories, from sub standard materials and to specifications and tolerances which breach US regulations. However, knockoffs are often then shipped as Western brands, with labels and - or tags which claim that the product has met standards required under US law.

This means that many fakes are dangerous and some are potentially life threatening (eg; even items such as knockoff football jerseys may not meet flame retardant requirements whilst fake electronics and electrical goods may pose a threat from electrocution, fire and - or explosion). Naturally; any issues with fakes are not covered by the legitimate Brands warrantees.

This has posed serious issues for Chinese manufacturing in that when many of us now think of Chinese goods, we think "poor quality - cheap and nasty" and this perception owes much to our experiences of Chinese knockoffs.

Unfortunately, the Chinese government had effectively "turned a blind eye" to counterfeits because despite Chinese pirates often paying no tax, the counterfeiting factories provided much needed employment. Many small towns survived and grew by manufacturing Chinese knockoffs.

Many western brands failed to invest in secure Chinese outsourcing. Many brands began production in China without fully appreciating the pitfalls. In some cases, Western brands partnered Chinese companies, provided them with blueprints and expertise only to later discover that the Chinese partner was cloning or making cheap copies of the brands products.

These brands would often then seek to "play down" their mistakes by claiming that the counterfeits were insignificant in quantity, of too poor a quality to be a threat or simply irrelevant. Indeed; some brands did and still do treat knockoffs as "shrinkage" - they allow for the costs and right-off the incurred losses.

With respect; such views are short sighted and dangerous.

The USA  government is pressurizing Beijing and the Chinese government is getting much tougher on knockoffs. Indeed; Beijing is now pressurizing the main knockoffs facilitator; Alibaba group.

Alibaba group was founded by Chinese born English teacher - jack Ma. Alibaba group owns, and and each of these are major sources of knockoffs for Western criminals.

A typical scenario would be for a Chinese company to manufacture knockoffs of a USA brand. These knockoffs would then be advertised on a Chinese website, they will be bought by someone in the West who would then advertise them on eBay, iOffer etc.

Thanks to the pressure by Washington on Beijing and to the pressure by Beijing on Alibaba Group, they are slowly moving toward compliance. However, Alibaba group make a lot of money from knockoffs and at the time of writing (Sept 1st 2016) they are being dragged to the counter of legitimacy "kicking and screaming".

USA Anti Piracy partners UK Anti Piracy - Brand Protection and we jointly wrote to Jack Ma and we blacklisted Alibaba group websites. This had the effect of allowing American citizens who had purchased alibaba knockoffs, aliexpress knockoffs or taobao knockoffs to contact their bank - card supplier and instigate a chargeback claim against the knockoffs purchase, citing the fact that they were blacklisted by USA Anti Piracy or UK Anti Piracy for selling knockoffs. We would advise the Bank and - or card company.

The buyer would usually then receive a full refund without having to return the goods.

USA Anti Piracy now enjoys an Alibaba Group reporting facility and works with Western Brands to remove Chinese knockoffs.

About Chinese knockoffs sold in the USA

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USA Anti Piracy was founded after we purchased a set of Windows reinstall disks on eBay. The disks were used to reinstall the correct version of Windows (on a computer which had a legitimate license), but along with Windows, the disks contained malware (malicious software) which scanned the computer for entered bank account and PayPal entries. The point is; "how many other pirated disks contain malware, viruses etc?

Please see; about eBay knockoffs

Please note (quick test); run your nail around the edge of the Microsoft hologram on a Microsoft branded CD or DVD. If you can feel an edge (so the hologram is a label), then the disk is fake (the holograms on genuine Microsoft disks are part of the disk).

Fighting Knockoffs in the USA

We work with many IP (Intellectual Property) and Copyright Lawyers, major manufacturers, copyright license holders and government departments worldwide to provide Brand Protection in the battle against knockoff goods, fakes and copyright infringements.

We employ people to search for fakes and pirate websites and scour online auction websites to identify and report fakes.

When we are sure that an infringement is occurring, we take action. We offer Brand Protection, support and will report infringements to license holders - Intellectual Property Rights Holders and we work with them against the counterfeiters. We will report piracy to facilitators (eg; auction sites etc which offer the pirated goods for sales - such as eBay, Facebook and others) and possibly to the authorities and the media. We also work with search engines to remove pirate websites from online listings.

We encourage people to tell us about knockoffs and piracy (please see the "Report Fakes to USA Anti Piracy" section below) and we help people to obtain refunds.

USA Anti Piracy will investigate on behalf of clients (copyright holders). These investigations can be open or secret (we can investigate the same case in a number of ways) in order to identify breaches of copyright and obtain evidence and take appropriate action. Fake goods come in many forms and from multiple sources. Eg; knockoff computer software and knockoff DVDs or Blu-ray may be produced by a lone pirate (often working in a "back room", kitchen, bedroom or shed) or a "counterfeiting factory" with multiple DVD copying machines which clone CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disks.

Other pirates may purchase fake
goods for re-sale from dedicated online pirate sites - please note that we do not provide links to such sites because we do not want to promote them (we work to close them down).

Knockoffs are often sourced from factories in India or China (Guangzhou - also known as Canton or Kwangchow, China is probably the counterfeiting capital of the world). These goods are purchased in bulk for resale in the USA. Sellers are usually aware of the true nature of their stock but this may not always be the case because some suppliers claim to be OEM factories and their stock is surplus or seconds. However; we feel that in most cases, only an idiot would believe this.

It should also be noted that many factories which produce knockoff goods use sub-standard safety systems, sub-standard materials, sub-standard working practices and many force children to work in conditions which would not be tolerated in a legitimate operation.

Other pirated goods include knockoff car oils and liquids (such as fake brake fluid). In these cases, low quality products are often transferred to Premium grade containers (eg; low quality oil used to fill Premium grade Oil containers and this is then sold as Premium Grade oil). In such cases, the buyer is obviously risking serious damage to his engine - or worse.

Eg; we recently identified knockoff motorcycle parts and knockoff car parts such as knockoff clutches. These clutches were significantly cheaper than genuine items and would certainly have worked (but only for a short time). When the clutch failed it may well have caused damage and the customer would obviously have needed to have a replacement fitted. As is usually the case with counterfeit car parts; fitting a fake clutch is false economy.

Some counterfeiters even openly produce and sell copies of Western vehicles such as Honda Motorcycles and BMW Cars (yes; full size counterfeit Honda Motorcycles and Counterfeit BMW Cars). BMW has taken legal action in China against a company which was selling copies of the BMW X5 - they lost. It is little wonder therefore, that sub standard copies of car parts are being sold in the USA.

Potentially the worst counterfeit goods (in terms of danger to human life) is probably knockoff medicines. Knockoff medicines can kill.

Knockoff Medicines have killed.

USA Anti Piracy will also work with legitimate companies and law enforcement agencies to combat the threat from counterfeit medicines, but piracy and knockoffs in general.

Report Counterfeit Goods, Report Fakes to the FBI.

The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by fines and federal imprisonment.

Please Note; Badge and statement supplied by the FBI
Duplication and unauthorized use is prohibited


We monitor Pirate Websites

We monitor Online Auction Sites

We make test purchases for use as evidence

We work with Copyright License Holders

We fight copyright infringements

We work with Government Departments

We work with Search Engines