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The sad fact is; if you run a successful business, then knockoff copies of your your products may be supplied under your brand, copied and supplied as a different brand or different product is possibly being supplied as your brand name (usually by simply attaching a label bearing your brand name to the item). An example of this could be “Yamaha” Chain Saws (Yamaha do not make Chain Saws).

With the rise of the internet, many knockoffs are finding new outlets via eBay, Alibaba, Gumtree, Craigs List etc, in addition to conventional websites and via social media outlets (including Facebook and Twitter). The knockoffs problem is set to get worse.

One side effect of this is the very real damage inflicted on the legitimate company’s good name when people have purchased a knockoff which did not meet expectations. It is no longer uncommon for disgruntled customers to air their disappointment via social media or on forums. This will almost certainly cause real and lasting damage to most brands (who are often unaware of the problem, the comments or the damage inflicted).

We recognize that this is a global issue which needs to be tackled globally. USA Anti Piracy and UK Anti Piracy were setup to address the problem of knockoffs on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously because of the high degree of interaction between the USA and UK via USA Vero 2 and UK Veros programs which provide Brand protection and IP support.

We own and publish websites which inform and warn about knockoff products, whilst offering purchasers free support, a free reporting facility and free assistance with obtaining a full refund against counterfeit goods (this deters vendors by “attacking them in their pockets”).

We offer IP rights holders a Vero 2 find and report service, in that we receive reports of knockoffs from members of the public and we also actively search for counterfeits. Where authorized - instructed by IP rights holders - Vero 2 partners to do so; we report infringements to Vero 2 partners and appropriate interested parties (such as law enforcement and government agencies).

We also search for postings of relevant illegal – misleading - defamatory videos etc, and material which promotes counterfeit goods. We make our Vero 2 partners aware of such items and we can issue takedown requests on behalf of Vero 2 partners to the hosts and search engines.

Additionally; we search for and monitor forums etc on numerous subjects with a view to identifying disgruntled customers who may have unwittingly bought knockoffs but are complaining about the IP rights holder. We can then “help to set the record straight”.

We are also providing online Whitelists of legitimate suppliers.

Effectively; we act as a low cost 24-7 Brand protection tool for IP rights holders - companies who are, or could be victims of counterfeiting. We “watch your back”, we search for problems and we tell Vero 2 partners about them. After all; “Knowledge is power”!

USA Anti Piracy receives reports of knockoffs from around the world.

Vero 2 Brand Protection Partners benefit from these reports.

Report Counterfeit Goods, Report Fakes, Report Piracy.

The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by fines and federal imprisonment.

Please Note; Badge and statement supplied by the FBI
Duplication and unauthorized use is prohibited

Counterfeiting operations are often run by organized crime syndicates. Counterfeiters commonly abuse their workers, counterfeiters pay no tax and the proceeds from counterfeiting will often finance other criminal activities (and is also proven to finance terrorism).

Counterfeiting can also damage a nations international image because people perception of goods from that nation are tainted (eg; consider how the "made in China" brand has been damaged). This can cause a lack of faith in a nations products, and a reluctance to purchase even legitimate goods.

Counterfeiting also stifles innovation (inventors are discouraged from developing new products and processes when they feel that their work may be copied).

All Governments know this and most are very happy to work with us. USA Anti Piracy perform a brand protection - IP support - public service - worldwide.

We fight knockoffs - USA Anti Piracy fights piracy

We process reports of Knockoffs

We monitor Knockoff Sellers

We monitor Online Auction Sites

We purchase Knockoffs as evidence

We work with Copyright License Holders

We report copyright infringements

We work with Government Departments

We work with Search Engines

We work with ISP`s

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